Stovehouse: Where Moderate Horsejackery is Allowed

One of my favorite parts of growing up in a small town was the historical preservation. New developments are always exciting but there is a strong foundation in preserving what came before. This Secondary Adventure has taken us to a place I highly respect and recommend to anyone visiting or living in the Huntsville/Madison County area.

Welcome to Stovehouse


Stovehouse has capitalized on some of the most unique features that an outdoor development can offer. From fun and friendly yard games to an elegant dining and drinking establishments. You can go from a fun family Friday adventure to a sophisticated business meeting. The previous stove manufacturing facility is being transformed into eclectic restaurants, event & entertainment venues, shopping experiences, office space, coffee shop and more. During this adventure we were able to take part in a tiny part of what Stovehouse has to offer, but one thing to remember, MUCH more is to come from this impressive location.

Outdoor Games


After walking into the courtyard you will notice a unique wooden pit, which turns out to be the super challenging yet fun game of “Fool” or “Foot Pool”. It is pretty simple, soccer balls painted to match the table game, but you only use your feet and no need for the messy blue chalk.

Refinished art is scattered along the walls reminding you of the deep history Stovehouse offers. Beautiful blue Ping Pong tables are next. This is a pretty straight forward game, or straight sideways, or straight to the net… either way, this game is perfectly placed by safety fencing that keeps the ball from running to the “under construction” sections… I hope they do not move the net. I’ll be needing it.


Stepping back into the court yard, just adjacent to the Foot Pool arena you will find to symmetrical pits with two fun games, to be clear neither is shot put nor should you try… this is classified as excessive horsejackery. One of these pits is reserved for Bocce, picture a cross between shuffleboard and corn hole. You start with a yellow pool ball called a Jack, you toss the Jack down the lane. Once stopped you alternate between tosses and rolls to get your colored balls closest to the Jack. This will not only challenge your ability to control your toss but also your friendship. Players beware.

Liquid Libation

With all of the challenging games Stovehouse offers you will need to make sure you visit Pourhouse, the comfortably swanking establishment that not only offers an assortment of classy cocktails & locally brewed beers. They also boast one of the best Old Fashioned’s made in Huntsville, accompanied by a slow melting large ice block, which feature I attribute to the “Comfortably Swanky”.

The Company Store

This is probably my favorite feature at Stovehouse, The Company Store! Which will immediately take you back into time to not only the history of Stovehouse but the classic general store you grew up visiting. Not only are you able to get a look into the past with a great history lesson paired with collectible antiques, you will also be greeted with a hefty amount of classic snacks and craft sodas. I highly recommend a “Dang” Rootbeer & Goo Goo Cluster, this made my venture around the property very special.

Art Around Every Corner

Stovehouse has really used every corner to provide an interesting aesthetic. Not only does it create an inviting atmosphere but it offers opportunity for amazing social media sharing and tagging and further establishes that “Stovehouse” branding.

With all of the economic growth and developments currently in progress in Huntsville, Stovehouse has certainly put itself on the map. The best part about this is that they are just getting started! The fact that you, friends, family, and more will be able to come to one amazingly inviting hub connecting you with history, food, and libations is in my opinion exactly what we need. Stop reading and head down, they will be expecting you!