Nashville Zoo: The Wild Side of Music City


We took a day trip to Nashville, Tennessee and explored a new-to-us tourist attraction, the Nashville Zoo. The route to Nashville from Huntsville, Alabama is very easy, we travel to the Music City quite often. After researching the Zoo and hearing several great reviews we knew it would be perfect for our next Secondary Adventure! 


We arrived around 9:30 in the morning. Our first impression was totally reliant on the parking lot and entrance. I have to admit, the parking lot was easy! We found a spot very close to the entrance and walked down the sidewalk to the ticket line. The entrance to the Zoo was beautiful. Everything was obviously routinely manicured and it made us feel like we were transported to a far away place where the giraffes and lions roam. 

Pro Tip: The animals are the most active early in the morning before the heat of the day sets in.

We were able to see some training at the Blue Macaw exhibit when we first arrived. The trainer was very careful to explain to the audience the process and took great care of the Macaw she was handling.

Pro Tip: Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses are all musts.


Our next stop inside the Zoo was the Unseen New World: Creatures of the Americas. This was an incredible indoor exhibit (with air conditioning!) full of snakes, turtles, bats, fish, birds, and so much more. We could have spent several hours inside that specific exhibit. 

The Zoo has several different sections throughout, each decorated for the associated culture and animals. Some of our favorite stops were the Flamingo Lagoon, Alligator Cove, Kangaroo Kickabout, Expedition Peru, and the Meerkat exhibit. 

Pro Tip: Strollers also have plenty of room to navigate on the pathways! 


The Flamingoes were so close to the public in their environment, you could easily reach out and touch one. We do not recommend this - dangerous for the flamingoes and for you. It was amazing to be able to investigate their beautiful bright pink feathers up close. Lilly, our 9 year old daughter, was completely enthralled with them. 

Pro Tip: This Zoo allows you to bring in outside food, which is unheard of! Pack a lunch and enjoy it at one of the many locations to sit in the shade and eat. Don’t want to pack? They do have snack and food options inside the park. The fresh lemonade was amazing!


The Merkat exhibit was Mom’s favorite. One guy/gal was standing watch while the other fellows dug for food, cool air, or just for fun. You could hear him occasionally let out little barks. He was very attentive and watched all the visitors walk by his family and home. 


Dad had way too much fun in the Tigers Crossroads exhibit. We were very lucky to arrive right when the tiger decided to lounge and take a nap right against the exhibit glass. You can see Dad getting down on the tigers level to say hello! 

Overall the attraction was incredibly clean, affordable, educational, and of course fun! We were really impressed with the little touches we saw along the way from signage to artwork under the overpass outside the Zoo. We would highly recommend it to anyone heading to Nashville. For more specific information so you can plan your trip to the Nashville Zoo, feel free to visit any of their links below. If you have questions that we might be able to answer - you are welcome to send us an email! 

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