Lost Sink Trail

This January, the weather was finally sunny and the temperature was great, we set out to explore a new hiking trail we had not explored before. The “Lost Sink Trail” turned out to be a great way to spend the afternoon. The entrance to the trail was easy to find and labelled appropriately.


We were immediately greeted by a mini waterfall. Our daughter (8 years) was super excited, who are we kidding, so were we. The total trail is 2.8 miles long. There is a large waterfall at the end but we turned around about halfway through and found a geocache hidden in some of the rocks. We also ventured off the trail and walked along the water line for a while.

The water was crystal clear and very cold! We skipped a few rocks and played with some video footage. We would highly recommend this trail and plan to return to see the large waterfall at the end. Check back for an update on this blog when we make it! Thanks for reading!