Gary, Katelyn, Carson, and Lilly

The Henderson’s are an average family doing pretty average things. The parents work 8-5’s and the children go to public school. Dad works incredibly hard, mom stresses about field trips and after-school care, and the son and daughter come home with dirty tennis shoes, homework, and the need for an afternoon snack.

What genuinely defines the word “average” anyway? Beneath the surface; Dad is a practicing freemason, has worked for Google, and would adopt 20 dogs and live on a farm in a split second. Mom is a graphic designer who has an obsession with mini LEGO figures and a explainable fear of bisons. Son loves the outdoors, chicken with only honey mustard dipping sauce, and has an interest in motorcycles that is way beyond his age. Daughter is very close to achieving a black-belt in Martial Arts, loves to craft including making a purse from only paper, and can eat roughly 4 cheesy rollups from Taco Bell in a single sitting.

We don’t mind being average with a Secondary Adventure every once in a while.

We are adventurers in training. Follow our average, messy, unruly, and sometimes even inspiring journey!

North Alabama Ambassadors